Toddlers and Tiaras: Ultimate Grand Supreme Tantrums

Three hardened competitors are vying for the title of Ultimate Grand Supreme on this week’s Toddlers and Tiaras. A notorious coach endangers one contestant’s winning streak.

Toddlers and Tiaras airs on TLC Wednesdays at 9:00 pm ET.

International Delight

Brenna, 6, was a returning Toddlers and Tiaras contestant who had become semi-famous since her last appearance on the show. Brenna’s mother Melissa revealed that her daughter had competed in 250 pageants since being on the show three years ago. Melissa went with an Egyptian theme for Brenna’s costume.

Madison, 4, has been competing in pageants for about one year and her mother Shelley hired extremely confrontational pageant coach Nikki to get her to the next level of the pageant world. Shelley received an email from the pageant’s director that mentioned if anyone in a contestant’s camp disparaged another contestant, that contestant would be eliminated which was a problem since Nikki was presented as a hate-spewing monster. Shelley chose to celebrate Italy with Madison’s costume.

Sophia-Rayne, 3, has been in more than 50 pageants and was one of the rare children to appear on the show to seem remotely interested in being a pageant kid. Sophia-Rayne’s mother India ordered a custom-made Native American goddess costume for her daughter.

Disaster Looms

Brenna’s family arranged for a limo for their voyage to the pageant which seemed to only stoke the out of control toddler’s bad behavior. The frequent champion easily ranked as this season’s brattiest child.

Sophia-Rayne performed well during the beauty portion of the contest, impressing the judges with her outgoing personality. Madison looked great but didn’t do as well as Sophia-Rayne because she obviously struggled to maintain a smile and her badly applied make-up went over like a lead balloon with the judges.

Brenna flew into a major tantrum just as her name was called for her beauty presentation. At the last possible moment Brenna got it together and wowed the judges with her innovative styling and deeply cloying routine.

Tragedy and Triumph

Sophia-Rayne impressed with a lovely gold and blue costume that in no way resembled the iconography of any Native American tribe that’s ever existed. Madison’s camp experienced something of a meltdown as the young girl cracked under the pressure of having the ultra-demanding Nikki as her coach but she eventually did take the stage with her Italian pizza delivery girl ensemble.

Brenna continued to be difficult, throwing the Toddlers and Tiaras camera crew out of her dressing room just before her Around the World presentation. Things got worse as Brenna noticed another girl had an outfit that was eerily similar to her own. However Brenna put on her game face once she was called to perform and the judges loved her.

Madison didn’t place in her division but she did win Beauty Supreme which left Coach Nikki furious. Sophia-Rayne won Grand Supreme for her age range which made her and her family very happy. The big winner of the night was Brenna who won Ultimate Grand Supreme, an ego inflating victory that will ultimately serve to make her inevitable aging out of the circuit all the more devastating.