Up Late Talk Show Daily: Kristen Wiig's Slam Dunk Performance on Fallon

Comedic actress Kristen Wiig was supposed to be the premiere guest last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. However, a legendary basketball player managed to sneak in first.

Air Wiig

Just before Wiig was supposed to take the stage, Fallon announced that Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player who's ever lived, was going to stop by for a quick interview. Lo and behold, when they pulled the curtain to welcome the NBA Hall of Famer it was Kristen Wiig wearing a Jordan basketball jersey! Wearing an ill-fitting bald cap, she attempted to perform something that barely resembled basketball skillz. The charade didn't stop there; Fallon and Wiig continued this ruse for an entire faux-interview. After the commercial break, Wiig finally revealed herself to promote her new movie, Girl Most Likely.

All-Star Interview

In celebration of the MLB's All-Star Game being held at Citi Field Stadium, Mets pitcher Matt Harvey played man on the street for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon., interviewing Mets fans about the All-Star Game. Unbelievably, every single fan they featured didn't recognize the All-Star pitcher, even those who claim that he is their favorite player! Even more strange, a lot of these men essentially confessed their man-crush right to his face, calling him a stud and complimenting his rock- hard physique.

Gag Reflects

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Most Biting Monologue Jokes

A Giant TV Star

"New Jersey governor Chris Christie will appear as himself when he guest stars in a prime time TV show this fall. It's likely that it will be the CBS hit series, 'How I Ate Your Mother.'" (Conan)

Testing Positive for Baseball

"Major league baseball's All-Star Game is this week. It's a great idea, having all the best players from both leagues get together to form two super teams. It's like baseball on steroids, if you can imagine that." (The Tonight Show with Jay Leno)

A Sweet Return to Business as Usual

"Twinkies are back! Grocery stores are calling it a great day for consumers, while Spandex is calling it a great day for business." (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)

Music Moment: Johnnyswim

Making their late- night debut on The Tonight Show, Johnnyswim was Leno's musical guest last night. The husband and wife duo performed "Heart Beats," a passionate ballad that showcased their folk and pop backgrounds.

Bike Hard with a Vengeance

Bruce Willis once raced across New York City to save the day in the third Die Hard film. But last night he was literally going for a slow ride into the Late Show with David Letterman. On route to promote his upcoming movie Red 2, Bruce grabbed one of those Citi Bikes and pedaled into the building and down to the stage before sitting down for his interview.

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