Huma Abedin: Time To Free Herself

Some folks are tweeting "Free Huma." Right-wing radio hosts are suggesting that Huma Abedin's Muslim background has brainwashed her into mindlessly accepting husband Anthony Weiner's sexual proclivities. You would think we had never imagined that a politician can get caught with his pants down. But there just may be more going on in the latest round of Weiner's sexts than were…er, revealed…recently. After all, this is the second time he has been caught, and from the looks of things, this time Huma is not as good at putting on a brave smile for the camera. It's past time for her to give up the act.

The Good Wife No More

The first time that Weiner got caught with his pants down, texting very private parts of his anatomy to women he didn't know, he resigned from Congress. Then he went home to (we hope) apologize and promise it wouldn't happen again, like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. We all have gotten way too used to this happening, even in the White House, to be surprised. But the man is a consummate politician and here he is, not quite two years later, running for mayor of the most high-profile city in the country. It seems that in those two years, he not only didn't get his act together about this need for public exposure, he continued to do it under the online name of Carlos Danger. And she let him, apparently.

The first time, there were plenty of us who imagined her to be the brave little woman, the "good wife" who stood by the man she loved. But this is the second round and from this vantage point, not much has changed. He continues to be little more than an electronic version of the guy who exposes himself on the subway. How is this anything but creepy? How can she continue to even be in the same room as him? And why does he continue to get away with it?

Baby on Board

Now we may be adding another familiar wrinkle to the scandal, as there are rumors going around that she may be pregnant. Wait, wasn't she pregnant when the first sexting scandal broke? Is there a pattern here? Even if this is true, and the fact that it made the cover of the New York Post by no means guarantees that, why does that give Weiner a free pass to any weird and frankly creepy thing he wants to do? What happened to respect and honor in marriage?

Time to Pack, Huma

If someone screws up once, you do the understanding wife routine. After all, he is just a guy and we all know that their brains tend to center a little lower than us women. They can't help it, we say. They are just wired that way. All is forgiven, just don't do it again. But when he humiliates you in public a second time with the same routine? I mean, come on, the guy isn't even trying. Enough is enough, time to find someone who has a bit more respect for you.

If the problem is space, Huma, I have a couch you can use. I would offer it to any woman whose man had humiliated her a second time. Just because he is running for mayor doesn't mean you have to be a door mat for the man. But let's not invoke that old country music nugget: it is no longer time to "stand by your man." It's time to close the door in his face.