Casting Call: Sandra Oh Leaves Grey's Anatomy, Alec Baldwin Hosts News Show

TV Casting News

Sandra Oh Waves Goodbye to Grey's Anatomy

With their 10-year contracts wrapping up following the upcoming season, original Grey's Anatomy actors will have to decide whether or not to stick around or make way for new blood. Sandra Oh has already made her decision: "Cristina wants to be let go, and I am ready to let her go," she told the Hollywood Reporter. So, Grey's writers, what kind of elaborate death trap awaits poor Cristina in the Season 10 finale?

Jonah Hill, Bill Hader, Others to Roast James Franco

Acting underneath Roastmaster Seth Rogen, some of James Franco's closest buddies are set to roast him six ways from Sunday during the renaissance man's Comedy Central Roast, airing Monday, Sept. 2. In addition to Bill Hader and Jonah Hill, comedians such as Sarah Silverman and Nick Kroll will do their best to make Mr. Franco blush. You'll be in my thoughts, James.

The Office's Angela Kinsey Stops By New Girl

Does New Girl know how to pick its guest stars or what? With a relatively open schedule now that The Office has closed its doors for good, Angela Kinsey will be playing yet another Type-A personality, this time opposite Zooey Deschanel's free-spirited Oregonian, Jess. Kinsey will play an opinionated school teacher who doesn't take too kindly to Jess' open-minded ideas as a substitute teacher. Sounds like fur will fly!

Alec Baldwin May Headline Liberal News Series

Speaking of actors with recently opened schedules, Alec Baldwin is looking into a project that sounds like it was born out of his liberal rants on Twitter. According to Mediaite, Baldwin is partnering with MSNBC to create a weekly news series, offering heavy doses of the actor's left-wing views on politics. So basically, this would be a Democrat's version of The Colbert Report, but without the satire.

Movie Casting News

Joel Edgerton Joins Christian Bale in Biblical Epic Exodus

With the History Channel's The Bible miniseries becoming a ratings behemoth, Hollywood seems to be getting into the holy business as well. On top of Darren Aronofsky's Noah hitting theaters soon, Ridley Scott is putting together a more action-oriented take on the story of Moses, starring Christian Bale in the lead role. Now Joel Edgerton is looking to get Biblical as well; the actor is in talks to take on the role of Moses's nemesis Ramses in the film. Call me when this project sounds interesting on any level.

Kirsten Dunst Pairs with Michael Shannon in Jeff Nichols's Midnight Special

Michael Shannon (Take Shelter, Mud) partnering with director Jeff Nichols seems to be a no-brainer these days, but Nichols is throwing in a bit of a curveball in casting Kirsten Dunst as the female lead in his first entry in the sci-fi genre, Midnight Special. No word yet on who Dunst will be playing, but Shannon stars as a father who is forced to go on the run when he discovers that his 8-year-old boy possesses incredible abilities. Nichols can do no wrong in my book, so I'm sure this will go off without a hitch.

Hugh Grant Joins Cavill, Hammer in The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Now that Guy Ritchie's adaptation of the classic TV show The Man from U.N.C.L.E. has its leading duo locked in after Man of Steel's Henry Cavill stepped in for Tom Cruise to co-star opposite Armie Hammer, the film is adding a much more familiar face in Hugh Grant. The Love Actually British charmer will play the head of British Naval Intelligence in the film, which focuses on two mismatched agents working together to combat the villainous organization, THRUSH. You know what, I have to say that this trio intrigues me. Even though all three actors have starred in some truly awful films, they're all grade-A talents who should thrive under Ritchie's quirky direction.

Kate Winslet Hunts for Revenge as The Dressmaker

I've been waiting for Kate Winslet to bounce back in a project that I am even vaguely interested in, and it looks like she will do it with her upcoming project, The Dressmaker. Winslet will star as Tilly Dunnage, the dressmaker of the title who returns home to Australia after a lengthy absence, ready to exact revenge on the wrongdoers who accused her of murder. The film will be directed by How to Make an American Quilt's Jocelyn Moorhouse, is based on the novel by Rosalie Ham, and is said to have something of a comedic tone. Kate Winslet starring in a humorous Australian revenge flick? Count me in.