Dexter: Who Will be Dexter's Final Kill of the Series?

As the series progresses toward its inevitable finale, Dexter’s humanity continues to shine through under the guise of his new killer family made up of Dr. Vogel, Hannah McKay and Zach Hamilton each of whom respectively represents the matriarch of the family, her son, his lover and their offspring. The scene of them all sharing a dinner together is a rather endearing moment that carried with it a soft undertone of foreshadowing as Dexter’s interests shift away from killing to protecting his vested interests. But when Dexter’s new protégé turns up dead, it leaves Dexter fans guessing as to who else knows his killer secret and will ultimately become Dexter’s final kill of the series.

Dexter starring Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter airs on Showtime Sundays at 9 pm ET/8c.

Dexter Throws Some Curve Balls Before Series Finale

This week’s episode featured two shocking twists that officially kick started the countdown to the final four episodes of the Dexter series. Someone appears to have framed Zach Hamilton (Sam Underwood) by planting blood evidence at the scene of a crime where Dexter’s (Michael C. Hall) innocent neighbor was found bludgeoned to death in a similar fashion to Zach’s previous victim, Norma Rivera. When Dexter takes Hannah on a spontaneous road trip to confront Zach, he finds himself jumping from killer mode to mentor mode in an instant, helping Zach clean up his rookie mistakes. Later, Zach turns up dead in Dexter’s apartment with a chunk of his brain removed, which could only mean one thing – the brain surgeon is back.

Quinn Intent on Finding Zach Guilty of Murder

Dexter finds blood under Cassie’s finger nails and traces it back to Zach Hamilton whom Quinn has been trying to put away for murder. While reviewing crime scene photos, Quinn recognizes the similarities between Norma Rivera’s death and Cassie’s death and asks for Dexter’s opinion to validate his suspicions that Zach Hamilton may be behind them. But Dexter wants Zach all to himself for violating Harry’s code, so of course he tries to throw Quinn off his trail be reminding Quinn that he was reprimanded for staking out Zach despite the case being closed.

Dexter ends up tracking Zach to the Keys and confronts him about killing Cassie only to realize that Zach couldn’t have possibly killed Cassie since he was busy following Harry’s code on someone else. Again, Dexter goes easy on Zach and schools him on the ways of serial killing from not using traceable credit cards to wearing gloves. As Dexter helps Zach clean up after his mess, he makes a connection between the blood found under Cassie’s fingernails and how Zach’s blood was drawn with the prick of his car door handle.

Meanwhile, Quinn looks to have been on edge all season long and seems particularly insensitive to Jaime’s grief over her new friend’s death. It’s almost as if Quinn may have killed Cassie himself, but there’s really no justifiable motive since the only common denominator between Cassie and Zach is Dexter. Has Quinn figured this out? If so, could it be possible that Quinn is the brain surgeon. It would certainly be ironic considering how much of a failure he’s been feeling like lately, especially after losing out on the promotion originally suggested to him by Batista.

Debra Drops Her Grudge Against Hannah

Debra gets on Dexter’s case about Hannah and enlists the aid of Elway to cash in on Hannah’s sizeable bounty. Debra tracks Dexter down to a Keys motel room where she comes face to face with her arch-nemesis for that blond versus brunette showdown I predicted last week – which turned out to be way less dramatic than originally anticipated. Hannah pleas her case to Debra who realizes they both love the same man and have his best interest at heart no matter how messed up the situation might be. Meanwhile, Elway does some digging around and realizes something doesn’t quite add up between Maggie Castner and her missing husband. When Debra has a sudden change of heart from her personal vendetta against Hannah, Elway is seemingly perplexed. Given his feelings for Debra, it would make sense that Elway would dig deeper into the matter which very well could put him hot on Dexter’s trail. We’ll have to wait and see how that pans out.

Dr. Vogel Hosts A Killer Dinner

After an eventful day of cleaning up after his young killer-in-training, Dexter drops off Zach at Vogel’s house and receives a dinner invitation instead. Vogel is so intrigued with the nature of Dexter’s relationships, which is so unheard of for her, that she insists on meeting Hannah so she can observe the byproduct of their twisted relationship. We still don’t know very much about Vogel who seems to have this ominous presence so it was kind of nice that Hannah finally asked Vogel how she first became interested in serial killers. Whatever secrets Vogel is hiding have yet to be revealed. It’s at that point in time when Dexter reveals the likely fact that Zach may have been set up.

The Brain Surgeon Resurfaces

As Dexter and Hannah prepare to part ways, the sexual tension between the two boils over and Dexter throws off his clothes. With a bold career move like this, it looks like Michael C. Hall plans on ending the season with a bang (pun totally intended). Just as she is about to leave Miami, he asks her to stay despite the fact she’s a wanted woman and she says yes.

Dexter is floating on cloud nine with Hannah, but that cloud is instantly blown away when he comes home to find his young lifeless protégé seated at his desk with a portion of his brain missing. Just when we thought the brain surgeon was dead, we learn Yates was just another puppet in a mind game that has now taken Dexter by surprise. It leaves everyone wondering who the brain surgeon is, and who will no doubt be Dexter’s ultimate kill. A part of me thinks that Dr. Vogel might actually be the brain surgeon since she knows so much about the brain and how serial killers operate. Given her fascination with serial killers, she could very well be putting Dexter through some kind of warped experiment to test his humanity. Dexter looked like he was about to cry when he found Zach dead because it was clearly a personal message to Dexter. I’ve got a hunch that Hannah might be next on the chopping block.