‘Real Dude’ TV MVPs: Rob Ruckus From Bad Ink & Jase Robertson From Duck Dynasty

Perhaps A&E once stood for “Arts and Entertainment,” but with its new and popular collection of reality shows, the E has trumped the A, and the art it once represented is now found in little wooded duck calls made in the bayou, and the tattoos that decorate the arms, legs, backs and nether regions of the denizens of the desert den of sin that is Las Vegas. Rob Ruckus and Jase Robertson are the stars of two such A&E shows: Bad Ink and Duck Dynasty, respectively, and trying to figure out which is more of a “real dude” on his reality show is a challenge.

Rob Ruckus: Saving Vegas from “Bad Ink,” One Awful Tattoo Mistake at a Time

Rob Ruckus does not like to be called by his first or full name, preferring instead to be addressed simply as “Ruckus” – for not only is it his family name, it also describes the testy, volatile, bold kind of man this star of Bad Ink likes to think of himself as. A former auto repair shop mechanic turned bar tender, Ruckus is not much of an artist with the needle, but when it comes to tattoos he has a critic’s eye for the good, the bad and especially the ugly.

With his scraggly beard, thin mustache, small hats and colorful muscle t-shirts, this tattooed reality star claims to have “seen it all, done it all, and lived to tell the tale.” A lot of those experiences involve one or more of the bands he has worked with, including The Fremonts, The Nine and the unfortunately named The Vermin – the last of which features his best friend, Dirk Vermin. Together Ruckus and Vermin scour Vegas on a quest to find the worst tattoos, and then make fun of or sometimes downright just insult visitors and locals alike. The show, after all, is not called “Good Ink,” although despite their politically incorrect comments and scary looks, Ruckus and his friend do mean well, as their true mission in life is to help save such people from the mistakes of “Bad Ink.”

Bad Ink starring Rob Ruckus airs on A&E Sundays at 10 pm ET/9c.

Duck Dynasty’s Jase Robertson: “A Frog’s Worst Nightmare”

The swamp is where Jase Robertson calls home – and where he would much rather be than standing at a workbench let alone sitting behind a desk playing his role as chief operating officer of the family empire. “A frog’s worst nightmare” that he may be, for of all the things he loves to track in the swamp it is those little green amphibians he loves catching the most. This cantankerous grumbler of the clan knows that the dynasty is built on duck calls, and Jase knows how to craft them. Even though he longs to be out in the wet and wild, when it comes to making the family’s signature duck calls, Jase is the true artist in the family – and even brother Willie knows better than to interrupt this master craftsman at work.

Jase turned 43 this August, and he has spent as many of those four decades outside as possible. His father, who instilled and cultivated the love of the bayou in his boy, allowed Jase to miss school as many days a year as the law would allow. A born mischief maker and risk-taker, Jase is known for the ease with which he can be goaded into accepting even the dumbest challenge, and for spouting such memorable lines as, “Work without fun is like peanut butter without jelly,” and “When you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s best to do it quickly.”

This father of three who married his high school sweetheart, Missy, may look gruff and tough, but he is good to his children and tries hard to get his family to join him for one of his hunting, fishing or boating trips down the bayou, for that is where he is truly happiest.

Duck Dynasty starring Jase Robertson and family airs on A&E Wednesdays at 10 pm ET/9c.