The Most Embarrassing Moments From Miss Universe

Saturday marked the 62nd time that contestants from around the world vied for the crown of Miss Universe. With 86 contestants from every corner of the globe arriving at the Moscow event, it was the show to watch, as Venezuela's Maria Gabriela Isler took the crown. Even with the most careful planning, a live event always has times when you just cringe. The Miss Universe Pageant has had its share of incidents that are so embarrassing you just want to look away. But heck, we have all seen the tear-jerker scenes; why not share the ones that most contestants would probably wish had never aired? Here are just a few of our favorites.

Miss Australia Fumbles

A very tongue-tied Miss Australia was asked about skin care as part of her bid for Miss Universe 2010. As you will see, she pretty much trips over her own words as she tries to answer a simple question, and in the end has to start all over. But, it must not have hurt her overall score, since she went on to win the crown.

Miss Venezuela Confuses Us All

In another one of those telling statements, at last year's Miss Universe contest, Miss Venezuela gave a very confusing answer to a very straightforward question. When asked what law she would create if she could create any law, she launched into this very perplexing and meandering statement. Somewhere in there is a parallel to surfing, but how she gets there is anyone's guess. Enjoy the video, in all its mystifying glory.

Miss Guyana Trips Up

Beauty queens spend hundreds of hours perfecting that graceful walk we all admire. But this past December one of the contestants for this year's Miss Universe pageant tripped up on her gown and made a not very graceful landing. She had an amazing soft blue gown that swirled at her feet but her impossibly high stiletto heels proved her undoing. She landed on the floor and had problems getting back up. But, true to her breed, she never once lost that beauty pageant smile.

Translation Problem?

At the 2003 Miss Universe Pageant, the final five contestants were given open-ended questions to answer. You will see from this video of all five contestants that the first four gave the usual beauty pageant answers. But the final contestant, Miss Serbia and Montenegro, perhaps should have asked for a translator first. Her answer is vapid, silly and an embarrassment to anyone connected with the pageant. Asked if she could be either fire or water, which would she be, she responds she can't say because she is a human, a girl. Hello? Does she know what a metaphor is?

Miss Canada Mis-Crowned

And here is one just to prove that organizations can make stupid mistakes just as easily as the contestants. As we all know, each country holds its own beauty pageant to choose who will represent that country in the Miss Universe contest. In Canada this past June, when they announced the winner -- televised no less -- they said the wrong girl's name. Denise Garrido may have taken that queenly walk but less than 24 hours later it was announced that the hand-written notes from the judges were entered incorrectly into the computer, giving them the wrong winner. The actual winner was Riza Santos, and in fact she is in Russia at the pageant this year. Garrido was actually the fourth runner up. Both women were, of course, extremely gracious about the whole mix up. But how embarrassing for Canada!