The Voice: Tessanne Chin Leads a Fierce Foursome to Top 10

Tension ran high on The Voice as the fate of the Top 12 Finalists rested solely in America’s hands for the first time in the season five live eliminations. Despite obvious nerves, the remaining contenders delivered some incredible group numbers. However, one question hung ominously over the stage: Who was going home? With the coaches out of saves, a brand new twist allowed America to use the first ever Voice Instant Save via Twitter to keep one of the bottom three artists alive in the competition. The nail-biting suspense kept viewers poised on the edge of their seats until the show’s final seconds when a rocker was granted a last-minute pardon.

The Voice starring Adam Levine and Blake Shelton airs on NBC Mondays at 8 PM ET and Tuesdays at 9 PM ET.

Best Kept Secrets

Pop/Rock sensation Sara Bareilles opened the show with her smash hit “Brave.” She was joined on stage by Top 12 female finalists Kat Robichaud, Caroline Pennell, Jacquie Lee and Tessanne Chin. Tessanne was a clear standout among her fellow contenders. She looked and sounded the most natural throughout the performance and noticeably rivaled Sara’s vocal power.

Before the results were given, the coaches and artists kicked off the first season five confessional, offering up something America doesn’t know about them. This is always fun to watch and true-to-form, the coaches entertained. Christina Aguilera confessed that she named her four dogs Mini, Stinky, Chewy and Nugget, explaining Mini was her and the rest of the dogs were named after the other three coaches.

Speaking of pets, Adam Levine introduced his adorable new puppy, Charlie and Cee Lo unveiled his own personal farm with his cat Purrfect, his bird Lady Bird, a huge dog named Tiny, a pig named Little Richard and a llama named Ollama. “There was a singer had a farm and Cee Lo was him name-o!” (Couldn’t resist, sorry!)

It Comes as No Surprise

It was no surprise that Cee Lo’s Caroline Pennell and Christina’s Matthew Schuler were the first two artists America saved. Both of them pack huge vocal punches. Matthew is a powerhouse vocalist with incredible range and Caroline stands out with a very distinct sound and utterly captivating stage presence. Either one of these two artists could easily win the whole competition.

After a bold and edgy rendition of “Roam” from Cee Lo Green and his band of rockers, Austin Jenckes from Team Blake Shelton and Tessanne Chin from Team Adam were saved. America definitely got it right with these two. Austin sings with incredible conviction and heart and Tessanne is probably the most natural performer among the remaining hopefuls, with arguably the most overall vocal power and prowess.

Two Guys and a Girl Rock On to Safety

Tension grew as more artists were brought to safety and fewer artists were left at risk. The Voice guys rocked out to an incredible version of “We’re An American Band” by Grand Funk Railroad. This song fit almost every guy’s vocal sensibilities, as most of them lean toward a blues/rock edge. Overall, James Wolpert, Cole Vosbury and Will Champlin seemed the most at home on stage.

Team Christina’s Jacquie Lee, who seems to have taken this whole competition by storm at the tender age of 16 was deemed safe, along with Team Blake’s Cole Vosbury and Team Adam’s Will Champlin. Will’s save may be a bit surprising, given that his vocals have been strong but often pitchy and inconsistent.

A Hard Day’s Night for Two Hopefuls

There’s just something about Adam Levine behind the drums on a Beatles song. He and his team slayed the Beatles classic hit “A Hard Day’s Night.” They fashioned a compelling fab four with Will on keys, James on guitar, Adam on drums and Tessanne on lead vocals. Once again, Tessanne’s star power cut through the performance and she clearly stood out from her peers. In fact, it’s really easy to imagine Adam and Tessanne cutting a duet someday.

In a series first, America was able to use an Instant Save via Twitter with #VoiceSave and the name of the artist they wanted to keep. Cee Lo was upset to find two of his artists, Jonny Gray and Kat Robichaud at risk along with Christina’s Josh Logan. America ultimately saved Kat, who rounded out the top 10.

Moving forward, the contenders are going to have to step up their game to stay alive in a narrowing playing field where Tessanne Chin leads and Jacquie Lee, Caroline Pennell and Matthew Schuler follow as if all four of them have been selling platinum records for years.