The Bachelor: Juan Pablo’s Hypocritical Behavior Upsets Some Bachelorettes

Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis goes to Vietnam to whittle down his list of Bachelorettes but he makes a game-changing mistake along the way.

The Bachelor hosted by Chris Harrison airs on ABC Mondays at 8 pm ET/7c.

Come Sail Away

The showed kicked off with Juan Pablo sailing on a bucolic Vietnamese river, confident that he had narrowed the field down to the 11 women with whom he felt he could build a future. After the ladies arrived at the InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort, they were presented with a Date Card. Juan Pablo had finally chosen to go on a solo date with Renee.

Juan Pablo took Renee on a pedicab ride through Hội An that ended at a tailor’s shop were Juan Pablo commissioned a traditional Vietnamese dress for Renee. Juan Pablo then bought some gifts for his daughter and Renee’s son, which greatly impressed Renee. Back at the Resort, the Bachelorettes received a Group Date Card addressed to most of the Bachelorettes which depressed Andi as she had yet to have a solo date with Juan Pablo. Though Renee really tried to make it happen, Juan Pablo refused to kiss her because he wanted to set a good example for both of their children.

Playing to Win

The next day, Juan Pablo took the Bachelorettes Vietnamese circle boat paddling. The activity required the ladies to break into groups of two and Juan Pablo ended up with Clare, who took advantage of the situation by making out with the suddenly less modest Bachelor. Juan Pablo then took ladies to a local communal farm where the women harvested lunch. The resultant meal was tense and a few ladies took shots at Clare’s aggressive gamesmanship.

Later that night, Juan Pablo took the ladies to dinner and exacerbated the tension by taking Clare away from the group for more making out. At the resort, Nikki received a solo Date Card. Juan Pablo took Sharleen to the beach for more kissing and successfully pulled the same move a third time when he made out with Andi at the same location. At the end of the date, Juan Pablo gave Clare a rose which crushed Andi.

Crossing the Line

Feeling emboldened by her earlier success, Clare snuck away from the rest of the ladies to invite Juan Pablo to partake in some night swimming. After their swim, Clare confessed that she had fallen for Juan Pablo. Later that morning, Juan Pablo took Nikki to the Marble Mountains to go repelling down a cave charmingly called “Hell.” The activity unnerved the mildly acrophobic Nikki but she calmed down when Juan Pablo kissed her.

After their climb, Nikki detailed her reasons for becoming a pediatric nurse and told Juan Pablo that she feels mature enough to become a stepmother. Content with her comments, Juan Pablo gave Nikki a rose and the couple kissed for the first time. Nikki hinted that she was falling in love with Juan Pablo and he said that he could imagine making Nikki his wife.

The Final Eight

The day of the Rose Ceremony, Juan Pablo called the Bachelorettes together to announce that he would be sending three contestants home. Nervous about her prospects, Andi initiated a make out session with Juan Pablo. Renee was also able to talk Juan Pablo out of his modesty and they shared their first kiss. Juan Pablo told Clare that he regretted their night swim because it would embarrass his daughter which deeply hurt and confused Clare.

The other Bachelorettes immediately picked up on the tension between Clare and Juan Pablo and became more suspicious as Clare kept randomly bursting into tears. Juan Pablo tried to comfort Clare but she was still upset by his inconsistent behavior. At the Rose Ceremony, Juan Pablo gave roses to Sharleen, Cassandra, Chelsie, Kat and Andi which meant Alli, Kelly and Danielle were eliminated. Danielle said that she never had time to form an emotional connection to Juan Pablo and Alli was sad that she spent so much time away from her loved ones. A tearful Juan Pablo told the remaining contestants that the game was taking an emotional toll on him.

For all his “think of the children” talk Juan Pablo is clearly interested in making out with multiple women on television. Juan Pablo’s reaction to Clare’s justified freak out wasn’t about propriety; it was about Clare not being okay with his rakish behavior. If Juan Pablo keeps thoughtlessly crossing boundaries, he’ll have to answer his daughter’s uncomfortable questions alone.


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