The Voice: Miranda Lambert Joins Team Shakira

The Voice Battle Rounds are the most fun and intense phase of the competition and the season six contenders came out swinging in the quest for the top prize. The artists were mentored by their coaches for the first time along with this year’s lineup of powerhouse, award-winning celebrity advisors Aloe Blacc with Adam Levine, Jill Scott with Usher, Miranda Lambert with Shakira and The Band Perry with Blake Shelton. True-to-form the battles were fierce and some amazing talent has begun to emerge. Though it’s way too early to predict any kind of winner, three-time champ Blake Shelton may already pack a powerful vocal threat with an R&B artist who stands out from the crowd.

The Voice starring Adam Levine and Blake Shelton airs on NBC on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 pm ET.

Shakira’s Secret Weapon

It’s really fun that Shakira called upon Blake Shelton’s Grammy-winning wife Miranda Lambert to be her celebrity advisor. It’s clear that the two blondes really do intend to have fun and Shakira made her mission clear: She enlisted Miranda’s help to try and find a way to take her handsome hubby down.

Miranda seems up for the challenge, citing that she’s a big fan of Shakira’s and saying, “I think it’s great I can be a girl power advocate going against my husband.”

Not only does Miranda have a bevy of big awards on her resume, she also knows the reality singing competition ropes quite well with her third place finish on Nashville Star helping to launch her blockbuster career. Look out Blake, Shakira’s got a sweet and savvy secret weapon in her artistic arsenal!

A Teen and Two Rockers Show Star Power

Blake pitted two teenagers from his team against each other in his first battle round with season five comeback kid Jake Worthington battling Lexi Luca with the hit country song “It Goes Like This.” Nerves got the best of Lexi during an otherwise spirited performance. Jake, on the other hand, was incredibly comfortable and nearly flawless in his delivery.

Blake ultimately picked Jake to move forward and both Adam Levine and Usher noted the 17-year-old student’s star power. Adam said, “He’s really good. He’s about as pure as it gets,” and Usher added, “He’s a star dude.”

Adam paired rockers Kat Perkins and Patrick Thomson for the classic Kenny Loggins/Stevie Nicks duet “Whenever I Call You Friend.”  While both singers are rockers, Patrick carries more distinctive grit to his vocals. It’s hard to grant an edge to either one in this round.

In fact, Adam noted this decision would be the toughest he would make for his team as he could see both artists making the Top 5. He chose Kat for her enduring strength and the way “she commands a room.”

Shakira swooped in immediately to steal Patrick dubbing his voice “timeless” and she was thrilled to add him to her team.

A Singer “Stands Alone”

Blake paired two female singers who both had previous brushes with fame in his second battle round. Paula Deanda opened up for Rihanna, but was later dropped from her label and single mom Sisaundra Lewis was formerly megastar Celine Dion’s music director.

It was easily the best pairing with the best song choice of the night with the two powerful vocalists singing season five Voice coach Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga’s smash hit duet “Do What U Want.” Blake Shelton was correct in predicting their match up would make the best battle for viewers.

Both ladies laid it all on the stage. However, Sisaundra’s power cut through the performance and she clearly emerged as the better singer. Their coach noted Paula “fell out of pocket” and named Sisaundra the winner.

Her powerhouse vocals, huge range and overall stage presence immediately stood out from any of the previous contenders. Blake noted how special she is saying, “Sisaundra stands alone on team Blake this year. There’s nobody that’s anywhere near interfering with what she’s capable of and who she is as an artist.”

Blake is right. As it stands, Sisaundra Lewis seems to be in a league of her own and though it’s early in the game, she might already be the one to beat.