Up Late Talk Show Daily: de Blasio on Kimmel

There were lots of funny moments on last night's talk shows. Fallon was in Orlando all week and did a song parody involving Brian Williams, while Kimmel settled a bet between LA and NYC's mayors. Want to know more? Keep reading.

Williams Raps "Baby Got Back"

One of the most instantly viral bits Fallon has been doing over the last few months since taking over The Tonight Show hosting duties from Jay Leno is a hilarious gag that involves NBC News anchor Brian Williams busting a rhyme. Williams isn't exactly rapping, per se, but several of his news clips are being pieced together to make it sound like he is. And last night Fallon did it again to make the stuffy newsman rap along to Sir Mix A Lot's '90s classic, "Baby Got Back." There's nothing funnier than seeing a man of Williams' prestige and class saying, "I like big butts and I cannot lie." Well done to Fallon's crew once again for managing to edit together this beyond "newsworthy" clip. That's a pun, obviously. Brian Williams can be seen nightly on NBC News.

He Loves LA

Well, all the big news in Los Angeles is that the Kings won the Stanley Cup. So, since they beat those pesky Rangers from New York, LA's Mayor Eric Garcetti appeared on Kimmel's show to settle a score with NYC's Mayor, Bill de Blasio. Being the good sport that he is, de Blasio wore an "I Love LA" tee-shirt while singing along to Randy Newman's "I Love LA." de Blasio was barely a singer, but he did have some children from a local choir helping him. de Blasio also sent some hot dogs from New York's famous hot dog stand, Gray's Papaya, for everyone in the audience. What a swell dude, and good for him for keeping his promise -- a rarity for a politician nowadays.

Most Biting Monologue Jokes

Soccer Fakers

"A lot of World Cup soccer players have been faking injuries to draw a penalty from the other team. Meanwhile a lot of Americans have been faking following the World Cup." (Conan)

Holy Sports Fan

"Pope Francis has pledged to remain neutral during the World Cup. When asked why, the Pope said, 'I picked the Miami Heat and look how that turned out.'" (Conan)

Fanning the Heat

"There are some great deals for shoppers here at Universal. Today at NBA City, I was able to get a Miami Heat World Champs shirt for like $2 bucks." (The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon)

Gag Reflects

Brazil's World Cup Director (Conan) - Conan brought out the fake Public Relations Director of the World Cup last night to talk about the international event. The dude, who was from Brazil, seemed to make light of all the negative news his country has had to endure over the past few weeks. For example, he said that FIFA stands for "Fun Is Fantastic Ahhhhhh!" Now that's certainly putting a different spin on things.

Fun In the Sun (The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon) - Since The Tonight Show is in Orlando this week, Fallon did a hilarious opening segment that featured some of the city's biggest attractions, like the Harry Potter exhibit at Universal Studios, as well as a hysterical spoof of Miami Vice. Okay, it's not the same thing as Orlando but they are both in Florida. So it's kind of similar, right?

Trebek Is Getting Cocky (The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon) - Since Alex Trebek recently set a record for hosting the most game shows ever, Fallon did a funny a bit on how the 73-year-old host is becoming cocky. Yep, Trebek is now posting some outlandish Jeopardy questions that are trumpeting his new found pride. Some of the standout questions included, "People Who Are the Man," "Places Bob Barker Can Shove It," and "Things I Said To Your Mom Last Night." Trebek's sure got a mouth on him!

Music Moment: Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez performed a song off her new album, A.K.A., on Fallon's show last night.

Road Meat

One of the funniest bits from last night was Conan's spoof of a food show. Apparently, The New York Times made an error that Conan has the best burgers in America. With that in mind, Conan revealed that his sidekick Andy was in fact behind the blunder, seeing that he's been cooking delicious burgers during the monologue all along. Then, a food show host named Guy Fieri (no relation) came out and did a small, high energy segment on Andy's burgers for his Food Network show called Road Meat. The end result was absolute hilarity. And oh yeah, Andy looks like he makes a really mean burger (not a fat joke).

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