Paris Hilton Falls Victim to Cruel Prank

Socialite and former reality star Paris Hilton, 34, was the victim of a sadistic prank recently. As a bit for an Egyptian reality show, Hilton was made to believe that the small airplane she was flying in was moments away from crashing.

Just a Quick Aerial Tour

As seen in a clip that was put online on Friday, June 26, the former Simple Life star was visiting Dubai for the opening of one of her family’s hotels when she was conned into going on an aerial tour of the city with Egyptian actor Ramez Galal. Earlier in the flight, Hilton was disturbed by a terrible smell that pervaded the plane. The TV personality’s disgust soon turned to terror as the plane’s engines seemingly stopped working and it began a senses-shattering descent.

Fake Plane Crash Prank

Initially, Hilton kept her cool as everyone around her started panicking. As her fellow passengers began wailing in fear, Hilton can be seen demanding to know what’s going on and the status of the pilot. Ratcheting up the tension, two passengers appeared to be sucked out of the rear of the plane. It’s at that point that Hilton truly loses control, repeatedly screaming “I don’t want to jump!” The plane began to turn sharply, simulating the uncontrolled plunge an airplane takes moments before a crash. Convinced that she was moments away from experiencing a brutal water landing, the plane landed.

“Scariest Moment of My Life”

Once everyone had exited the aircraft, Ramez finally copped to his deception and revealed to the shocked celebrity that her entire ordeal was part of a bit for an Egyptian prank show called Ramez in Control. After explaining to a disbelieving Hilton that the people she thought had fallen to their deaths had merely parachuted to safety, Hilton expressed anger at the cruel jokester, telling him “I’m going to kill you! You were pretending the whole time?” Hilton also confessed that her travel heavy schedule requires her to fly almost daily and consequently, she has developed a fear of dying in a plane. Having regained her senses, Hilton complimented Ramez for the verisimilitude of his prank, but the heiress still seemed to be deeply shaken. On June 27, Hilton tweeted her thoughts on the undeniably cruel prank, “Scariest moment of my life. I really believed that the plane was going crash & we were all going to die.”