From VJs to Videos: 5 Ways to Fix MTV

MTV has been a powerhouse network since launching in 1981, but in recent years, the network has shifted its focus from music videos and raw reality TV shows to scripted dramedies and unfunny improv sketches. Here's how MTV can reinvent its programming and once again reign supreme over music television.

Tap the Next Great MTV News Anchor

By the mid-'80s, MTV had established itself as the must-watch channel for all things music, but with the addition of MTV News in 1987, the network had found the missing piece of the puzzle that would catapult it into competition with the larger networks. Daily broadcasts about album releases, concert tours, chart-topping hits, and other general news about the most popular musical acts were just some of the topics the MTV News anchors would tease.

The Week in Rock was the first official newscast to premiere on MTV, with correspondent Kurt Loder providing viewers with an inside look into the music realm. MTV News programming still exists today, but with the right on-air personality, MTV may be able to reclaim their title as the one-stop shop for all things hip and happening in music.

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