Hall of Shame: Sports Fans Do Weird Things

The newest edition of the Hall of Shame is officially here, and with it comes your weekly dose of hilarious and oddball moments from the world of sports. It's a new year in the Hall of Shame, which means that sports figures around the world are already in pursuit of the most important new year's resolution of all: an induction into the most prestigious group in sports. But not everyone can earn such an honor. Which sports figures were able to set themselves apart from the pack this time around? Let's get right to the newest entrants.

In the Head!

There's no longer any doubt that Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook is one of the best players in the entire NBA. The guy can pretty much do it all on the court, including delivering a basketball right to the head of a referee. That's exactly what Westbrook did during a recent game against the Charlotte Hornets. After play was coming to a close for the quarter, Westbrook appeared to try to throw the ball to the referee so that he'd have it when play resumed. The problem? The referee had no idea that the ball was coming. And of course, that resulted in hilarity as the ball went sailing into the referee's dome.

Hearing Crickets

While the game of cricket is widely known in the United States, it's an entertaining sport that features a lot of interesting action. Unfortunately for one particular player, it also can occasionally involve painful action as well. That was case during a recent game, and it did not look pretty. Everyone out there immediately realized where this poor man had been hit, and that brought out a little concern and a whole lot of laughs. You can play your favorite sport at the highest level and have tons of success, but sometimes, the game has funny things in store for you when the playing object decides to go rogue. It happens to the best of them.

A Real Shame

While the incredible judges that occupy the Hall of Shame offices typically focus on bloopers that happen during the action of a game, there are times where something happening off the floor is much more worthy of an induction. One such case took place when this basketball fan decided to grab a spoon and eat out of a jar of mayonnaise during his team's game. To repeat: a basketball fan decided to grab a spoon and eat out of a jar of mayonnaise. Not only should this gentleman be banned from all sporting events, but he should also be forced to not get within 50 feet of a mayonnaise jar. This punishment would be for his own good and for the good of those everywhere who immediately threw up in their mouth at the sight of this horrifying display.

Playoff Dolphins

Things did not go according to plan for the Miami Dolphins in their AFC Wild Card game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Dolphins were never really a threat in the game, and to make matters worse, Miami had its own players causing a teammate to fumble. Running back Jay Ajayi was involved in this forgettable moment, as he found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time, which resulted in quarterback Matt Moore fumbling the ball. It's usually not a great strategy to force your teammate to turn the ball over, and the Dolphins learned that the hard way this past weekend. It seems highly unlikely that the Kansas City Chiefs will employ that strategy in their game against the Steelers.

Traveling Across Kansas

Referees have a tough job, and when they're not getting hit in the face by Russell Westbrook, they're expected to enforce the rules of their sport to the best of their ability. Well, the ability of those refereeing a recent college basketball game between the Kansas Jayhawks and Kansas State Wildcats was clearly not up to par. That's because Kansas forward Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk got away with with one of the biggest travels in the history of civilization to score the game-winner for his team. Just watch this video multiple times and see if you can count the number of steps that he took. 473 steps seems to be accurate after an initial viewing, but it may be closer to 474 steps. No matter how many it was, it definitely wasn't legal.

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