TV Video Vault: Can't Stop the Dancing

Far from the town in Footloose where dancing is illegal, the internet strongly encourages the artistic expression of human movement. As such, we're cracking open the TV Video Vault to highlight some of the best dance moves in the history of television. Bust out those dancing shoes, stretch your calves, and please remember to stay hydrated. Dancing is hard work, as shown in these clips.

Dance Fever

Mary Crosby, Stuart Damon and Ronnie Schell are featured as celebrity guests in this rousing episode of competitive dancing known as Dance Fever, circa 1982. Each week on Dance Fever, couples were pitted against one another in a friendly contest of dancing for a cash prize of $1,000. Lou Ferrigno, otherwise known as The Incredible Hulk, makes a surprise cameo later on in the clip. And we have to say, he's got some moves too.

Vinnie's Chicken Dance

John Travolta was certainly the breakout star of Welcome Back, Kotter. He played Vinnie Barbarino, a precocious high school kid known for his distinct ability to woo the ladies. In this clip, Vinnie shows off some of his moves, and we are left wondering whether or not Vinnie is actually having some kind of involuntary convulsive fit. But as evidenced by Travolta's later roles, especially in the 1977 film Saturday Night Fever and 1978's Grease, he really did have some proper dance moves.

American Bandstand

Hosted by the one and only Dick Clark, American Bandstand featured teens dancing to the top 40 pop songs of the day. The show began in 1956, and it was really rolling by the '70s. Here are a few highlights of kids dancing to the disco-laden hits of the "Me" decade. Don't even try to fight the urge to start tapping your feet. It's just not possible.

'Cop Rock' Line-up

Cop Rock is consistently cited as one of the absolute worst shows in the history of TV, and with good reason. Just see for yourself. In this clip, a particularly lively criminal lineup breaks out into a funky fresh song. And, as you may have guessed, they have a carefully choreographed routine to accompany their rhythmic tune. TV Guide called Cop Rock "the most bizarre TV musical of all time." We think that might be an understatement.

Donny & Marie - Everybody Dance

Donny and Marie Osmond were the power sibling celebrities of the '70s. Their variety show ran on Friday nights from 1976 to 1979. Here they are in matching lavender outfits belting out the song "Everybody Dance." After the routine, Donny and Marie thank each other gratuitously and proceed to get into one of their classic sibling arguments.