20 Most Memorable 'Roseanne' Show Guest Stars, Besides Clooney

It's hard to believe that it's been 20 years since Roseanne wrapped on ABC. The edgy sitcom about a blue-collar family and its loud, bossy, overweight matriarch (Roseanne Barr) ran from 1988 to 1997 and included a slew of recurring guest stars like George Clooney, Sandra Bernhard, Ned Beatty, and Sally Kirkland. But the show saw more than just a few Hollywood heavy hitters stop by Lanford, Illinois. Here are 20 more notable guest stars you won't soon forget.

Bruce Willis (Season 1)

During the show's first season in 1989, Hollywood hunk Bruce Willis came to the set to make a brief cameo appearance during the closing credits. Willis was filming the final season of Moonlighting at the time -- also a product of ABC -- and evidently had a spare minute to spend with everyone's favorite loudmouth.


Florence Henderson (Season 6)

Brady Bunch alum Florence Henderson played the part of Flo Anderson in a 1994 season six episode. Flo is a stuck up committee member of the Lanford Women's Association -- of which Roseanne and her sister Jackie desperately want to become members -- and her quirky son Elijah just can't seem to get along with Roseanne's D.J.


David Crosby (Season 4)

Folk singer David Crosby appeared in a season four episode in 1992 as Duke, the husband of Roseanne's co-worker Bonnie -- played by fellow folk singer Bonnie Bramlett. On the show, the duo took to the stage at the local bowling alley to wow the crowd with their rendition of "Roll on Down."


Debbie Reynolds (Season 9)

In 1997, Hollywood sweetheart Debbie Reynolds played Dan Conner's mentally unstable mother Audrey Conner in a season nine episode. In a grim yet hilarious plot line, Audrey makes several attempts to murder her son on account of him having her committed to a mental institution.


Steven Seagal (Season 9)

Macho man Steven Seagal had a cameo appearance in a bizarre season nine episode in 1996 that involved Roseanne saving her family from female-hating hijackers on a train headed for Washington, D.C. Seagal appeared at the end of the episode as Roseanne's mysterious martial arts spiritual guide.

Tony Curtis (Season 8)

Even as an older man, Tony Curtis still had a way with the ladies. In 1996, the former Hollywood heartthrob appeared in a season eight episode playing Hal, a ballroom dance instructor who not only flirts with Jackie's mother -- who is much closer to him in age -- but also goes out on a date with Jackie, as well!

Mariel Hemingway (Seasons 6)

Actress Mariel Hemingway is best known for her movie roles in Manhattan and Personal Best, but in 1994, she guest starred on a season six episode of Roseanne. Hemingway played Sharon, the girlfriend of Roseanne's friend Nancy -- played by Sandra Bernhard. While out dancing at a gay bar, Sharon puts the moves on Roseanne and plants one right on her lips.

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