Dr. Chris Pet Vet

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Aussie Doc Patches Up Animals In Average Reality Series.


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TV Rating:   TV-G

Network:   CBS

Genre:   Reality TV

What Parents need to know

Parents need to know that Dr. Chris Pet Vet follows the work of a renowned Australian veterinarian, with each episode chronicling the treatment of three or four animals through illness, injury, or other distress. Any graphic content is kept to a minimum; the worst you'll see are some scrapes, punctures, or surgical incisions on the mend. Expect a lot of emotion when pets are involved and families (including kids) are upset over the possibility of losing their best friends. As for kids, most of what's here isn't a worry, but youngsters might need some reassurance of the doctors' good intentions when their methods of trapping or treating them cause them stress.

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What's the story?

DR. CHRIS PET VET shadows Dr. Chris Brown, a famed Australian veterinarian whose tireless work is reflected in the multitudes of animals he cares for. Whether it's a streetwise cat whose last encounter left him limping or a family of ducks in a precarious rooftop spot, Dr. Chris and his team of experts always rise to the occasion. This bustling practice meets the needs of all of its patients and, in some cases, their human families.

Is it any good?CommonSense Star Rating

Animal-related reality series are so plentiful they easily populate their own TV genre, and it's often difficult to distinguish one from the next. Sure, Dr. Chris Pet Vet sheds light on the benevolent and skilled work that these experts do on a daily basis, but, aside from the subjects' striking Aussie accents, there's not much here that hasn't already been healed, stitched, or rescued on another show.That's not to say that the series has no value. There's always something positive to be gleaned from watching everyday heroes in action, and charismatic Dr. Chris certainly fits that bill. This is no action thriller, but it does pay respect to the rewards of meaningful work and a compassionate spirit.

Explore, discuss, enjoy

  • Families can talk about the work the subjects do. Is it rewarding? Is it ever emotionally challenging? What do you think you would like most about a job like theirs? What would be most difficult?
  • Kids: How do you show compassion to people in your life? Is it easier to do with some than with others? Why is it important to do so? Why should we care for other living things as well?
  • Families can learn more about the animals featured on the show, particularly the wild ones. Are they found near where you live as well? What would you do if you saw a wild animal in distress? How do you ensure your safety in situations like that?