Dude, You're Screwed

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Interesting Survivalist Contest Showcases Skills, Respect.


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TV Rating:   TV-PG

Network:   Discovery Channel

Genre:   Reality TV

What Parents need to know

Parents need to know that the survivalist reality contest Dude, You're Screwed features trained survivalists competing against each other by individually trekking across harsh global environments in a race against time. Expect a bit of rough language, with the stronger words bleeped, plus scenes of contestants being grabbed, handcuffed, and blindfolded as part of the game (but no one gets hurt). There's some blurred nudity, too, but this isn't sexual in nature. While there's some competitive banter, the show focuses on the skills of each of the contestants, as well as the respect they have for nature and for each other.

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What's the story?

DUDE, YOUR SCREWED is a reality competition featuring five survivalists competing to get out of extreme environments within a 100 hour timeframe. It stars Green Beret Terry Schappert, John Hudson, an extreme survival instructor for the UK Royal Air Force, and Matt Graham, a primitive skills expert. Also competing is Jake Zweig, a former Navy Seal, and Tom Moore, a veteran Army Scout. Each survivalist is unexpectedly captured by the other four at work, home, or during a social event. After being searched for tools, weapons, or other items that can help him survive, he is dropped into one of the world's most extreme environments with only with only a few seemingly random items and a fully equipped cameraperson who cannot intervene during the journey. The rest of the survivalists watch and criticize his every move from a mobile command center, and even throw in a few surprises along the way. The one who manages to safely complete his trek in the least amount of hours within the 100 hour time limit wins the game.

Is it any good?CommonSense Star Rating

Dude, You're Screwed showcases the survivalist skills of each of the contestants, who use whatever knowledge, devices, ingenuity, and sheer strength they have to trek across harsh climates. They also highlight some of the challenges posed by the specific environments they find themselves in, as well as the mistakes that folks who are unfamiliar with the terrain make when trying to survive in similar conditions.It's interesting, but much of the fun also comes from the other contestants, who both critique and express support for their competitors as they struggle to get through their journeys. The profound respect they each for each other is also underscored. It definitely appeals to nature and survival reality fans, but viewers across the board may find it worth watching.

Explore, discuss, enjoy

  • Families can talk about how realistic TV reality shows featuring survivalists are. Are folks really facing dangerous situations while the camera is rolling? Does the camera person ever intervene? What if there is an emergency?
  • What kind of training does a person have to have in order to consider him or herself a survivalist?