Top 10 Winners of the French Open/Wimbledon Double

Profession tennis players endure a long 11 month season, full of different flights, places, courts and fans. Though it’s all generally grueling, nothing is more so from the end of May to the middle of June--where players try to accomplish the daunting task of winning back-to-back Grand Slams*, on two completely different surfaces. First comes the French Open, where players compete on the red, slow terre battue; a surface they have been competing on since April and then, weeks later, quickly travel up north to compete on fast, grass for the next week or so before playing on the historic lawns at Wimbledon. The good news? 2014 marks the last time these two Grand Slams will be two weeks apart, and in 2015, Wimbledon will be moved back a week to allow a more comfortable, three week break (or preparation) for the players. Below are the characteristics and statistics that make up the historic Slams and the tennis champions that conquered both.

Does the list of winners surprise you? How much longer until a new member joins the elite club? Who of the current players not on the list is most likely to succeed? Discuss below and be sure to share with your friends.


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