They Wore What?! History of the Always Changing NBA Uniform

Like most professional sports, team uniforms evolve over time to match new playing styles and overall fashion culture. From the satin short-shorts of the 1950's to today’s tight sleeves, lets take a look at the ever changing NBA uniform.

What do you think? Will sleeves be a permanent part of the uniform or phase out like the short-shorts? What is your favorite/least favorite decade? Comment below and be sure to share and discuss with your friends!


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 FILE - In this Jan. 20, 2014, file photo, Brooklyn Nets Andray Blatche, left, tries to move past New York Knicks Tyson Chandler during an NBA basketball game in New York. The veteran center is an NBA free agent at the moment but currently has a job as the man in the middle for the Philippines, at the FIBA Basketball World Cup. If youre confused, youre far from alone, as how a native of the United States with no ties to the country ended up on their roster is the stuff of international mystery. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig, File)

Familiar names in the FIBA Basketball World Cup

Kevin Durant stands front and center in a billboard that hangs high above...

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