6 Ways to Fix 'Live!' Broadcast TV Musicals

Live TV musicals have been all the rage since The Sound of Music Live! premiered on NBC in 2013. Over the years, viewers have been able to indulge their inner Broadway diva with a number of live television events, but not every performance hits it out of the park. Our advice: Stick with what works! Here are six ways networks can fix the 'Live!' broadcast TV musicals.

Showcase More 'American Idol' Icons & Break-out 'Voice' Stars

If there's one thing reality competition shows like American Idol and The Voice have taught us, it's that there's no shortage of talented singers out there just waiting to be discovered. In fact, many finalists go on to sign record deals and produce their own self-titled albums. So with all that talent and national fame, why aren't networks jumping at the chance to cast these would-be Broadway superstars in their live television musicals?

Take Adam Lambert's performance in The Rocky Horror Picture Show Event, which aired on Fox in October of 2016. Lambert's amassed popularity, onstage presence, and glam-rock vocals brought the show to a whole new mesmerizing level. So rather than cast a major star who talk-sings all of their musical numbers -- we're looking at you Christopher Walken -- networks need to start listening to the American voters and invest in these reality TV icons.